Marriage is the instructions of two both make and female

Check it

1. Will your children wish their marriage to be like yours?

2. Is your marriage preaching to the people around you?

3. Will your spouse be willing to marry you again if given opportunity to remarry?

4. Is God happy and glorified about your marriage?

5. Is your marriage a blessing to your spouse or a source of bitterness?

6. Since you are married to your spouse, is his/her life better than you met him/her?

7. When last did you deliberately appreciate your spouse for the sacrifices he/she had made in this marriage?

8. Are you always seeing your spouse as the problem of your union and seeing yourself as the saint?

9. How much sacrifice have you put in this marriage in order to make it work?

10. If you die today, do you think your spouse will really miss you or your death will be like a relief to him/her?

11. Are you always thinking and threatening your spouse with divorce and separation?

12. Are you seeing and thinking about someone else as a better spouse if you had been married to him/her?

13. How do you leave home for work; with a "Good bye, Hug or wave?" Or you silently leave?

14. Do you know his /her favourite dish? What do you do?

15. Is he/she your defence when under siege with family negative comments?

16.What do you think of him/ her when absent?

The answers to these questions will X-ray how healthy your marriage is.

If I asked you to submit the answers to me you may lie but you can'

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