Dada Emmanuel Olayinka
2 min readFeb 14, 2022



Problems are soft cult to your greatness and good significant. We don’t wait for life, we run after the life. What we do is what we get. Money flows directly to those who solve society diffculty’s.

Their is no person that solves problems remain the same in future. Problem is the shortcut of your greatness, unless you are ready to solve the problem your life will be single out and recognized in the world .

Money follow move directly to problems solver. You are designed to great and to solved problems a for others. Ability to tax our brain to solve a problems is the ways of luxry living.

Be a problems solver, Conquer diffculty and find solutions to people problems and cash will flow your direction. Trust me.

Money hidden inside the problem solver in life. Identify a need around your community and rise up the task, conquering such problems. It's only those who defeat challenges that recon with in the world.

What problems do you want to solve in the world???
Edison Thomas solve the problem of light.
Mark Zuckerberg came out with facebook and his name was Writing in gold.
Joseph solved the problems of hunger in his time
David killed teroist Goliath and become prominent king in his regained.
Michael jordan fail without school but make at the end of the day.
KFC old man become mult million with catering services.
Bill Gates solved problems of computer and he came great.
Excuses is not a products of a great person. Nobody recon and honor a begger .

Be wise in your daily routine.



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