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Global poverty as increase by 50% after Covid 19, World vision over poverty can not be overheverzies.
Poverty is not my brand.

What is poverty
Poverty is not just about money but also include issue of Access to services such as healthcare and education.
When think about POVERTY what come to mind? It's probably an image of a person who doesn't have enough good foods to eat, it more than foods shelters and clothes. It's involved live in shabbly home. And they probably can't afford to buy the goods and services.

We have 3 types of poverty
✓ Absolute Poverty
✓ Relative Povery
✓ Generational Poverty.

According to the World Bank, the global breakdown for the number of people living in “extreme poverty” is:
413.3 million in sub-Saharan Africa
216.4 million in South Asia
47.2 million in East Asia and Pacific
25.9 million in Latin America and the Caribbean
18.6 million in the Middle East and North Africa
7.1 million in Europe and Central Asia
7.3 million in the rest of the world.

Which are the poorest countries in the world?
As of 2015, the three countries with the greatest number of people living in extreme poverty are:
India (175 million)
Nigeria (86 million)
Democratic Republic of Congo (55 million)



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