What kills man’s Glory faster is faliure to fullfill his promise,

expcialy to lady’s because of five minutes enjoyment that man want to enjoying.

More, You don’t know the mind of next person to you. Some people ❤️ heart are fill of evil doers this days , So people are planning right now to get rid of you. Some are thinkings how to collect your income, some are planning kidnapping bandits and raping of a friends, Some are sold their friends to foreign land just because of little cash they won’t take to heaven.

Some are taking or inviting their friends to Malazia and romove two of friends kidden sold it of and collect $50,000. You can check and calculate the conversation of that dollar to naira. And such person will come back to Lagos and be spending money like his daddy got center bank of Nigeria.

Hmmmmm, I fear Men the mind of a man is full for snake squapion and thermints.

Can’t you read it in the Holy Bible where Joseph brothers sold him to the land of Egypt as slave because of joseph glory.

Wife are planning to kills her husband because the man has properties as well as, where a man is planning mysterly to murder his wife because, her wife have good and bloosom liqurative business.


A friends invited me for an industrial cleaning up 4 bed room flat at Baruwa besides Gowon Estate area Alimoso Local government Lag at night,I was slogishly rejected night business because I didn’t know his real mind and up till today he didn’t asked me again and I was kept quityely scellent about it. You see life.

(The greatest enemy of a man is to promise what he can’t fulfill in life,What bring down man faster is failure to fulfill his promise).

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✓What is Dark or Darkness
✓What is Mind.
✓Describe man and his Responsibility
✓ Man in Relationship
✓Dark Mind of a Man
✓Comon Taboos of Man
✓5 Common Universe Taboos.

According to one of my mentor
This article, Dark is about the opposite of light. For other uses, see Darkness

"Dark" and "Absence of light" redirect here. For other uses, see Dark (disambiguation) and Absence of light (disambiguation).

Darkness, the polar opposite of brightness, is understood as a lack of illumination or an absence of visible light.
The Creation of Light, by Gustave Doré.
Human vision is unable to distinguish color in conditions of either high brightness or very low brightness.In conditions with insufficient light levels, color perception ranges from achromatic to ultimately black.

The emotional response to darkness has generated meta-

phorical usages of the term in many cultures.Referring to a time of day, complete darkness

occurs when the sun is more than 18° below the horizon without the effects of twilight on the night sky.

The perception of darkness differs from the mere absence of light due to the effects of after image on perception. In perceiving, the eye is active, and the part of the retina that is unstimulated produces a complementary afterimage.

In terms of physics, an object is said to be dark when it absorbs photon causing it to appear dim compared to other objects. For example, matte black paint does not reflect much visible light and appears dark,whereas white paint reflects much light and appears bright.For more information, see color An object may appear dark, but it may be bring….

To my own definition

A dark is opposite of white.
The mind is deep than anything and you can’t see what inside it.

Mind is life engine room of human being what is in your mind determing your out put. Some people heart are fill and full of scopion and snake

A man is the head of family and his Responsibility can not be underated.
His has big roles to play in life of his children,wife and grandchildren

Dark Mind of a man is the one that Is killing every body in Africa. We full of dark Mind in Africa because we don't care about the present and upcoming generation. Greedy is the one killing Africa Econoymy . The dark secret of a man doesn't allow us to grow physically and spiritually in Africa.

Common Man’s Taboo
I have up to the twenty common taboos, but I will only mession few here
*As a man dont promised what you can’t full . What killing glory of a man is promise. Because of small enjoyment you want to enjoy for 5 minities you will now promise Earth and heaven...hmmm aaaa men God will help us.

*Don’t rape woman or have sexual abuse with little girl it 50years prisonment in Nigeria law now. It’s a serious case on Ghana judisary . Woman own this world man becareful and safe your head

Men beware of woman because you life line in the hand of women.

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