It’s a professional question that will change your life. If your ideas does not support your cash flows then change your ideas. Look into another direction . steal ideas from your friend and relations. Rethink and change your ideas, start afresh new ideas on how to growth your bank cash flows.

Firstly, if you don’t allow your past die, it will not let you life. The keys of life line on your ability to think faster and do the needful.

If you want to living esteem and exoit car, you have to begin work for it now. Youths stop the spirit of yahoolism, badoolism, Boko Haram attitude and proscratinato .

Communication is the useful tools use to achieve success and greatness. Think possiblity, think positive and get positive results. Closed mouth is closed destiny. Open to communication

Focus is another important factor to consider if not, somebody will be nothing in the world. Determination is another important factor to consider. Don’t allow your environment to change you but change your environment

Remove unwanted guests and friends. Anybody that can not have your back why you are not around is not your friends, remove them from your life. What you wearing will not make you but what you impact is the most important thing.

Awake and always remove unwanted stuff both physical and mentaly , always make sure you embrace new things in your life.

Never go back to repair the past but be prepared to construct the future which is possible. Be a great time thinker . A great Thinker are visionary. He who can not see far off future will become slave to his or her immidate and he will beg for foods.

Success is possible and passion to me, your greatness is I’m your ✋ hands. Stop living Urgly life that does not glorified humanity and God.

Think Really, thinking provoke creativity and bring value into our life’s, Every posstive Thinker is the owner of ideas and the owner of Ideas rule the world.

Information is transformation, if your are not informed you will be deformed. You must develop the attitude of right thinking. Transformation and creativity must be developed because the power of thinking is power of change , Ability to change things is to create thing’s. if you live your life with value and taste , some people will emulate and envel you

If you want to live a quality life, you need to be discpline yourself in the area of cash spending any how and decspline your self in the areas of relationship. Stick to a man or stick to a woman. It is your responsibility to make history with your humble background.

Acticle from

Olayinka Emmanuel Dada Communicator and content writer for,CNN and LinkedIn



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Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.