Dada Emmanuel Olayinka
2 min readJan 23, 2022



After year 2022 what next Nigeria?
Country men don't be decieved by sugar coated political.Politicians are like barking dogs that moving like wounded Snake to bite around without any purpose and values

Next year is another year to appoint new leaders, youths don't be decieved by sugar coated politicians. Beware of little coin, face cap, materials things and foods items that 🐕 can't eat.

Remember, Bird's that want to eat special foods inside open trap space cage will be caged by Deo

A fish that want to eat bread down the river will be hooked because their is no bakery under the river by Deo

Don't be decieved by sugar coated Political (PPP) without visition, focus, determination, no pattern nor raod map about the future.

They send their children to overseas to study and they personality go for medical check-up in top countries. They ensure that there children married each other.

Remember how many souls that lost their life in year 2020 at Lekki toll gate #endsas protexce and youths that lost their life at the hidden store foods items kept for next year election.

Life offer you second chance that call tomorrow. New year give you another open cheque to write your story. Don't listen to sugar coated month political, always vote right.Think how much you are paying for NEPA bills and school fees

Remember inscurity, bandits harsmen, blood shield and killing are water we used to bath in current.



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