Dada Emmanuel Olayinka
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


Today 25/01/2022 mark another Educational international day world wide. Education is the basis for more soiectal transformation and as a government, we place emphasise on the quality of teaching technics and the quality reasch, because the quality of teacher determine the out put of students.

we are in the era of digitalization where digital will be use to transform student academy. Before teachers used to hold choke but now computer is involved in teaching student.we give every child the strength to dream. We inspire confident through learning.

Hence, Youths are the building block of any developed Nation.Youths are the social actors of Change and progress. Youths are not the only leaders of tomorrow but also the leaders of today. Youths are the engine room of every advance Nation. But where youths was left of or not given chance to use their talents What will happen???. It's Will results to what was happening today.

√ What can we do to change the ideas of our youths.?
√ What should we do to enrich Nig. future?
√ What can we do to build up our strength?.
√ what is our strength and weakness
√ what should we need to correct our weakness.


√ Develop our Spots. If govert. can open youths eyes to spots, spots are very bigger.such as artiletis and football and others

√ Tourism has to transform.

√ School. More Techincal sch.
We needed energetic life specialist school.

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