Neat in appearance is not equal to behavior says ladies. Guy look at me face to face, eye balls to eye balls, bone to bone and strength to strength, man to man , let us share our self words of encouragement in relationships.
You.know that i don't condole insulive words let us call a spade, a spade,what we is happening in relationship now is not the best, what we are doing to the flesh is not acceptable and its on call for. As a real man we can't take is , we are jealous more than ladies in relationship, This bad behaviors of many of us has to stop.
He has a right to criticise, who has a heart to help by Abraham Lincoln.
Please read it because of females bad behavior and unacceptable attitudes at the beginning of the relationship causes the way you are treating her like that, i can't blame ladies because men are so trickis, curnning and unstable elements.
She just trying to figure out whom you are at the beginning that was the reason while she behaved like that at the beginning of the relationship. As a man you have to open to conversation, communication with your spouse, don't expect a ladys to open her mouth in communication, as a man you have to open the floor first not the lady in relationship.
As a man you have to be transparent, get the wors of affirmation, got good attitude with the hearts of support in relationships, be caring as well as get helping hand, don't left everything for her, because females heart are very soft like a breast. If not another smart guy will just haijack your wifie.
They can easily change there minds, always take good are of her, give her money for up keeping, communicate at the required time, give her bed room injection regularly because its very important in relationships and she will not ask of it. Sturdy her and understand her because we have six types of females in the world.
Please guys ,young men and the real men dont blame me if it happens. A Relationship surpose to be two party system not one sided pattern or party, God created male and female to live in harmony not separated apart. And God Almighty created two in relationships but ladies hear these..... The person who tries to lives alone will not succeed as a human being by pearl S Buice.


4 Mistakes Some Men Make When Making Love To A Woman
Most men get it wrong when it comes to making love to their women. Each session of love-making must be satisfied and be enjoyed by the couples. But unfortunately, in today's world, most men see lovemaking with their partner as a means of satisfying their desire.

Lovemaking in marriage is a moment that couples get to enjoy each other's comfort and warmth. And it must be able to meet this aim and goal in every session of it. Here are 4 mistakes some men make when making love to a woman.

1. Ignoring Foreplay

Foreplay means a lot to most women. This is because it helps them get relaxed and comfortable with their partner before the action. But some men see it as wasting of time. When the foreplay is ignored, in some cases, it makes the woman less interested in making love.

2. Getting Hasty

Some men appear to always be in a hurry when they are horny. They are only concern about satisfying their urge and then leave the scene. But this is not right, getting hasty simply implies that you're not interested in your partner. Lovemaking can not be done in a hurry.

3. Neglecting or Ignoring Her Body Language

Most women are shy to say their mind during lovemaking but instead, they give body signs. And when these body signs are ignored by their man, they feel irritated and lose concentration.

4. Being Too Bossy

When you're always ordering her around during lovemaking. You can let her know what you want and how you want without claiming to be the boss all the time.

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Written by Olayinka Emmanuel Dada from Medium profile



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