Operation females Ambush men in politic to get first female president in Nigeria is my theory.

The most hated person in this world is the person who says the truth and reality of life.

All female are Executive and men are chairman, then why can't we allowing female in our governors at this time as president. Even most men in politics was the one rulings by their wife underground.

Righteous exoit a Nation but sin is a reproach and disgrace to any person or a Nation citizen were surfing, bandits, killing, boko haram, harshmen, fuel scarecity, raping, Badoo, yahooplus, kidnapping, assacine important Personality as well as missing people, we are in society that embrace corruption, injustice and double taxes are what we got from Men's government and politics, Where their no tight security within our society, their must be a Change now.

In Nigeria 70% female are the one train their children because their is no real job for 70% Men's to train their children. Women are you not tired of training your children alone. Are you ready to take over from men then follow my advice, ideas and my theory.

Men have been ruling affair our Nation since 1960 but things are getting worsen than ever before, no improvement since then to me. In my research I discovered that we are not battling with corpution but the attitude of stealing not corpution.

Getting fast money is considered one of the most effective ways to ruin someone’s life!,

And what happened to all men in politics, they will go and married another woman when they stealing public fund's. Just go and checkout our politicians what they do with our country money in top countries. Like Dubai etc

Change your thinking and your future Change.Are you ready to get first Nig woman president?

Get one party system or association of female in Nigeria with one voice. Eg. (WAN) Women Association of Nigeria.

To be continued….


It's time to get things right, change your thinking, your mind set and your future Change. People are waiting for our manifestation not our explanations, we men too are tired of complaining. we need female president in Nigeria to get out of all the men's government out of their hands.

it's time to use mother's land because father land was not provided, productive, its brought about hardship and predicaments economy.

Change is the rule of game now, the only way we can get out of this predicament of men's government is the power of female band the population of women will get the job done.

Female had soft minded set of people, but men have dark mind, it's time to change our mentality as an elite and Educated Nation.

It's time for female to come together, brainstorm together as well as put their momentum together to step forward and assuming the post of president in Nigeria. Female has the capability to turn things around, they are executive in getting things done.

As a man, we are tired of talking and complaining year in, year out we needed action from opposite sex, it's time for female to rise up their standard to help us out of this mess.

In my research when it got to diffculty's on arrested a notorious criminals, female had the power and capability to get the work done. They can use their veto power to get the work done instantly.

Queen Oya King Sango s wife in old Oyo empire play important role in the rules of King Sago at old Oyo empire.

Oropoto Niyun was first female King in old Oyo empire, she rule, fought war and she won during her own ruleing in Oyo Alafin.

Dahomey women fought war without the help of men and the won the war.

Mrs Fumilayo Kuti, mother of Fela Anikulapo, Afro beat musician single Handly got freedom for female by fighting federal government alone that female will not pay taxe in Nigeria.

Aminat of Sharia play very important role in the life of their community in the north area.

Then why can't we allowing female to rule us in Nigeria.

in my research: Any time man fail in his responsibility within family setting wife step in. check it round the family.

This is the only way we can remove the circle of men that ruling us since i1960 without good results.

To be continue....


Mothers land is profitable at time, anytime our fathers land disappointed us and difficult to prosper as a wise children, we are always run back to our mothers land. Meaning our mothers family.

Our mothers family welcome us back their children and grandchildren without any problems. lt's high time to call upon Nigeria women to help us out of our different and deficulties.

Our Fathersland was deficiency that gave birth to lootings, recession, no electricity light, no fuel, no jobs for countrymen, recession, boko haram hersman and hardship economy. etc

Presidentcial race is not about to make list but it's all about to change citizen life from zero to hero, these are the statement of facts.

Life is not about participating in presidential race nor to register name on the list of Federal Republic of a Nation. It's all about changing positively.

Right words of the wise are looking like bad words in the hearing of unreasonable personality. Common man has no power to remove our ruling circle because it's money that is raining now.

I could remember that any time we are cheated by our elders we run back to our mothers in the past. It's time to allow our women to step in into the current situation of the country.

The fact is that the numbers of the ruling circle was the one parading presidential candidate, and the person who has the Mikano generator company will not do anything about electricity, the person how has best hospital in out the Nation will not do anything about the country hospitals in the Nation, the person that has refinary outside the country will not allow the countries own work perfectly. The former Governor or vise president personality that can't pay both currently teachers salaries and retirement people can't do anything when they assume Power. And each of them has 50m to 40 million to pay for presidentcial race.

In my research the only jocker for the Nigerian politics now is the female population where all Nigeria female form there own party with the best presidential candidate who can handle National issues and who can stand to face men. We have some tough women within us.

The politics game is women Association of Nigeria (WAN) where only female will vote for FEMALE party only, that is how we can remove ourselves from this mess. Let the election be Female Versus Male canterpat in the Nation. Every eye will see it and nothing can be done to that election.


I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.

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Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.