A relationship is suppose to be wash my back, let me wash your back for you, it's the rules of engagement and relationship.

But when relationship as become one party system or one sided love affairs it's not a good relationship.

A relationship suppose to be balance at equilibrium. Alots of Men are dieing in relationship because our society doesn't allow a man to speak out. Nobody will listen to man in relationship because the society believe that we are Man, we are father of all Nation.

You cannot believe that some ladies are beating and briuterlized in relationship, some ladies are beating their spouse in relationship, expecialy when lady have big ash, I have weakness one like that where wife was beating her husband at Shogule, I was their life, the lady in question sat down on her husband and she began to beat the husband. And the man begin to crying for help. I was part of those who rescue the man from the wife,

But in such situations who will listen to the man, alots of people will says, see yourself your wife is beating you ... Shame on you.Then who will listen to man in that situation. Even shame will not allow any man to tell anyone's else.

Some lady’s in there Marriages will not perform real duty as wife in relationship because, expecialy, if the man is not boyant with finance. May be later or anytime the man heat money, he will take action and Marry another wife and everybody will begin to saying many things, that guy is not a good person, see now, he has gotten another wife, but unknowingly to the public what the madam did for her spouse before



Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work.

THE WORDS I LOVE YOU is more than what you think, it's comprises of pains, patient, endurance, understanding and forgiveness

There are 3 major things hidden under I love you.

Firstly,COMMUNICATION AND LISTENING is the beginning of Relationship, in Africa man must be the first person to Communicate with woman and that woman must be having 💯 percentage listing hearing for the Man that come to her, if not there's going to be a break in communation such relationship will break from beginning.

Any relationship with the issue of lack of confidence in communation then such Relationship will not hold, expecialy from the ladies, I have had the experience before, when you are in love with a lady and the lady in question was not give you audience. Then such Relationship will not hold no matter how much you are in love with the person.

Secondly, SUCCESS OF INCOME MUST STRONGER, its one of the major factors that will determine weather the relationship will hold, if the man in question is not financial boyant no woman will agree to marry such man now, It's was before.

Lastly, when there is stronge mind communation and Strong Financial freedom, the marriage will hold but mind you the last point is LOVE MAKING.I mean having s'x regular is the one of the major factor too in relationship because at list a man must having s'x with his wife at list 8 time in a month no matter how busy the spouse.

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Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.