Open dececation is bad habit is our society and its unacceptable habits in the public.

Dececation is the act of digestion by which organisms eleminstion solid semi sold or liquid waste material from our body.

Or digestive tract via the anus or other opening side of our body.
Human expel feces with a frequency vary from a few times daily, to a few time weekly.

OPEN dececation is the practice of dececating outside without using a toilet of any kind. Urain frequent urination can also develop as a habit.

A urinary trach infection (UTI) is a common cause of frequency urination. This happen when bacteria enters the bladder through the urethra, it's estimate rate 50 to 60 percentage of women will experience it, at least one UTI in their lives.

✓ Excessive thirsty.
✓ Stomach upset
✓ Constipation
✓ Bone and muscle pain and weak -ness.
✓ floating issue.
✓ Brain issue confusion , fatigue and depression.

Frequency urination can be a symptom of many difference problems from kidney disease to simply drinking
too much fluid.

When frequency an urination is accomplain by fever, an urgent need the urinate and pain or discomfort in the abodomem, you may have a urinary tract infection.

The most peile the normal number of times to urinate per day is between 6 to 7 time in 24hours or between 4 and 10 days.
It consider normal to have to urinate about 6 to 8 times in a 24 hrs.

Open defecation is the human practice of Defecation ("in the open") rather than into a toilet . People may choose fields, bushes, forests, ditches, streets, canals or other open space for defecation. They do so either because they do not have a toilet readily accessible or due to traditional cultural practices

OR The practice is common where sanitation infrastructure and services are not available. Even if toilets are available, behavior changes efforts may still be needed to promote the use of toilets. 'Open defecation free' (ODF) is a term used to describe communities that have shifted to using toilets instead of open defecation. This can happen, for example, after community led total sanitation programs have been implemented.

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