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Sin, immorality and poverty are reproach to Almighty God, God doesn't living in a very dirty and dusty place or Nation. Poverty bring about sin and immorality, poverty is the mother of crime because youths ldleless is a 😈 devil's hand workshop. As well as poverty brought about crime and crime gave birth to nation insecurity.

There are 3things I cherished in my life, my health, my security and peace of mind. Information brought transformation, we are in the era of information technology, the era of traditional had gone, the era of Agriculture has also passed and the era of industrialization has also passed by year's back, and right now we are in the era of information technology.

This article are the statement of fact and figures to the fellow citizens and government at all levels. To be frankly speaking.
What are the functions of these two organization in the nation. ?

√Bank of industry
√Bank of Agriculture.

The two organization has less active, less functions and less productive to the youths entirely.#Federal ##Government had to do something tangible to the two organization because they are not just created and decorated to consume funds.
Their main functions are to sponsor the 🎿 skillful and tanlented youths who are ready to helps creat jobs for the other less previlege youthful ages in the nation.

To me the are just consuming nations funds, the funds in their care are not utilizes properly accordly.

Youths are the building blocks of any develop nation, youths are social actor of change and progress, youths are the engine room of every advance Nation , And the vision of the nation lying in the hand of nation's youths. But if youthful ages are Left out in the nation, what will happen???.

Please sir thinking about this article.



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