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Good day house,
Please I’d like to appeal to us to go back to our Personal Protective Equipments. (Face masks, Sanitizers)
Covid is beginning to rise again in Nigeria. There has been a number of deaths in the last couple of days and the private ICUs are beginning to fill up.
The second wave is back in many places.
For one, the UK is deep in it.
Please let’s remember that covid isn’t just a disease of the rich and that although many young people are able to kick it off, they are able to spread it to others.
I doubt that the government can clamp down on most things now but it’s in our hands to protect ourselves.

If we don’t care about ourselves, please let’s do it for the ones we love.


Do the needful as outbreak of thirds or forth face of covid-19 come and stay.Panademis has left us but we are living with covid-19 now.

There has been a global outbreak of Coronavirus or covid-19 was not a news again. covid19 has left the animalistic husbandry to living with real human being now.

We have to do the needful as outbreak of thirds and fourth faces of covid-19. Which caused illiness such as cold, fevers, difficulty in breathing Coronavirus spread via droplets reproduce with an infected Products when an infected person cough or sneezing and their droplets lands in the month or 👃 nose of nearby people could also catched Coronavirus by touching contaminated surfaces and touching their eyes,nose or mouth.

To avoid the more respread of covid-19 maintain social distancing of the half meter distance between yourself and anyone else that caught and sneezing.

Washing your hand regularly, cover your nose always has become mandatory for everybody now . when caughing and maintenance a high level of personal hygiene.

Hygiene mean condition or practise conducive to maintain health and prevention disease unspread through cleaness.


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