If you want to upgrade and update yourself always refuse to focus on urgly situation round you.
Don’t listing to the people of discouragement around you.

Predicaments come not to kills or the destroyed you, but diffi -culty come to clear your paths

Predicament is your difficulties problematic and your chall -enges .

Challenges is part of life we are living, one of my mentor said that we are in world war fare.

Untill you shifted your face from your face on our predica -ments we are going nowhere

You will get what you focus on, so focused on what you want.

Communicates with what you want and refused to Commun -icate with what you don’t want.

Happy people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.

The only limits to our realiz -ation of tomorrow will be on double of our hard work.

Creatives is intelligence having fun. Set your goal high and don't stop till you get there.

Succed is not final, failure is not fatas. It’s the courage to continue that counts. Don’t worry about what could happen in a month, don’t think about what could happen in a year .

Just focus on the 24 hours ahead of of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.

Look around and appreciate what to you have, Nothing will be the same in a year. Amazing Changes are coming your way.

Succed doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

Everyday is an opportunity to win inspite of yesterday's failure and mistakes.

if your aim in life is to win .if your aim in life is to have a place at Success avenue you must be willing to make up your mind to start again where you are.

You must be willing to make it an habit to win everyday. You must be willing to pay the price of a constant and never ending improvement, just remind your -self that late stater can still win and and make an impact.

Remember the people who waste the most of life are those who sit down regecting what might have been.

Stronge mind discuss idea, Average mind’s discuss events, Weak minds discuss people.

No matter the situation never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

To improve and impact is to change to be perfect is change often.

In blink of an eye everything will change. Planing and focus are part rules of life.

Looking for hidden secret of life.

Rick is better than Regrets.

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