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Every thing started from education. if you think education is expensive then try ignorance. Reading society are better organized in their act of operations ( character) and discipline than lliterate like educated Nation , I haven’t seeing a Nation like Nigeria that put off all educated elite off government affairs.

Government at all levels cannot operate without contacting the technocrats and experts in running biggest cashless digital economy system such as Economy Technocrat, System Programmers, Auditors, Chartered Accountants, System Accounts Auditors, Expert in System Operator, Experts in Geographical Personality,

Engineers, Bankers Professors, Doctors, Legal Experts, Security experts and Successful Business Men and Women to round tables for the meeting for brainstorm on how to run a successful digital economy for the Nation.

Digital and cashless policy cannot operate effectively in a very corrupt , bad internet and crippling economy without regular supplying of electricity and social amenities. The concept of a cashless digital economy is where the flow of money has being facilitated by digital computer technology.

Intergrity, transparency and accountability of the leadership life style is the key in running of digital cashless economy as well as working with right minded personality.The judiciary and enforcement agencies has alots of vital roles to play in running cashless digital economy of a nation. What about the cyber war going on

This type of digital cashless economy could have been the best because it will multiply deals, fast track economy growth, It will reduce thrift and crime rate . It will bring create opportunities new ideas, creativity and innovation for the development of entire Nation.

Nigeria was said to be a united Nation by general AGU IROSI but our unity is not enjoying true integrity , untill we see ourselves as one in this Nation without ethic group, religion and political differences as a nation, we are going nowhere as a nation. Until will come together in one unity with one minds, transparent with the help of our differences in new ideas, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to achieve our goals for the betterment of the citizens.

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