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The thinking of a big man is different from the common man, fingers are not equal. You can't just wake up one day and closed someone account just like that. You cannot used your pockets compared with others because you are in the apex, top of the bank management. I think the set of people in that position of authority are educated and listening to me right now.

You can't just standup and taken decision for tempory closed your valuable customers accounts who are not criminals, you know what's country sayings now, inflation everywhere, cash was not enough for the common man. The real criminal are somewhere, somehow enjoying their life.

Let me tell you the real fact, some family had only #100,000 home and abroad in that account for the whole family and there's problems of 20k to solving regards issues of life's, to settle hospital bill and you know Nigeria doctors and nurses will not attend nor listening to am coming, cash on hand is not available, Just because of your low thinking, bad managememt decisions such person in question will die. Some sets of people fail because of bad decisions

The person who was just got new job somewhere else couldn't access his cash from ATM to go to the office any more lost his job because of your equality thinking. Some people has only 20k in the account and nothing more, will die of hunger for stupid management decision without notice.

Landlord can't quit someone out of house without notice of 90days, 27days, 9days, 6days and 3days respectively without notice, i am not a lawyer but i studied law small.

WHAT did last weekend was not acceptable, The management decision was not good enough at the present situation of the time of inflation time. Something must be done faster if the management doesn’t want to losses their valueable customers.

If something tangible is not done faster am afraid of what will happen at the end of these exercises, believe me, a lots of customers will closed there accounts.


Just imagine, i met someone who has contact with another person to purchase materials for the site couldn't access the account.

The account has been frozen for just stupid fcmb management decision. Now he has to force close the account.

At list all your ideas and strategis is to remove #10 each on 10,000,000 clients, charges on all customers and to become #100,000,000 income charges to the bank at the end of the day. You don't care attitude. (Remember that you are using Client's or crowds funds).Not your cash

Eni ai mori ki ba ku. Bamu. Bamu ni mo yo, not concerned you .

I respect you all. And I rest my case here.

Am expectating every Nigerian to say something about this issues on ground because a close mouth is a close destiny.

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