Many people are in need of revival, yet have you not been able to access it because of pride. The reason why we find ourselves in hardship, problems, difficulty and predica -ments facing us today.

The need for revival which brings about spiritual restoration come on this heels of spiritual decay. A lot of things could be responsible for spiritual decay, one of it is DISOBEDIENCE.

God has already gave us His rules and regulations, when ever we left one of those rules, God blessing with be very diffculty to achieve.

What happens to us in our Nation today cause by us, as a business men, how could you purchased a good whort $5 and you want to resell it $60 , ls it not too outrageous. I am not in support of government because if government put social amenities on others thing won’t be like this. But all together it’s what happened causes by everyone in the nation. Shame is the opposite of glory.
Spiritual decay, is the cause of all kinds of sin, it’s what accounts for.
Many women 👗 dress in revealing clothes as the strive to attract men luring them into sexual immorality in the same vein. Many men engage in sexual immorality both behave and even in the course of their marriage.
You will never behave in such a way when the glory of God is upon you.


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Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.