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Tomorrow is collateral of beauty where we have in this world. To connect for good purposes but when you turned yourself to the gorilla or stopping blocked for a positive minded personality, then you will be cut off yourself from good and positive minded personality as well as you are an enemy of progress.Remember that your power lying within you.

Life is all about protect yourself against the physical and spiritual attack. Anything under the heaven that threatening the peace of your mind then get rid of it. To build an empire you need to endure some pain before you I’ll enjoying the benefits of it’s.

Focusing your energy on your entire enemy and get rids of them all. Your enemy will be in the Prison rather of being in luxury armchair. If a man can’t protect his wife and family, How can he protect the entire Nation.

Strategy 707 foes versus foes is a strategy to winning your two enemy by allowing the two of foes to fight each other's and you will enjoying the benefits in the middle of their fight.It's a strategy that allows our enemy of our progress focus on each other by full force and you in the middle we will enjoy the benefits of that fight.

It is easy to find a new friend but it's hard to find a true one. The devil you know is better than the angle you don't know.

An African 🐈 cat is a theift no matters how you prevent it’s, Africa 🐈 cat will still steal expecialy with a drying fish or drying meats, A🐈 cat will still steal in Africa continent .

An African 🐖 pig's are very, no matter how you bath it or make it clean in African 🐖, it's will still goes back to it's dirty. An African pigs behavior can't change positivily. Likewise your enemy can't change his or her character

A dog is a 🐕 dogs no matter how you prevent a 🐕 dogs it's will still goes back to it's vomit.

A Loepard is a Loepard , he can’t change its black spot, (what do I mean, it’s can’t change it behavior and it’s attitude), that how it’s will grow old and die with it color. It’s attitude can’t change no matter how .

Read a story from my friend regard, 🐸 A frog and a🦂 scorpion are friends for so long before. A frog and scorpion can be compared with human behavior..

One day the scorpion and frog want to go to attend a big party of their friends Termite across the big river and everyone know that 🐸 a frog can living in both water and land, so it was very easy for the 🐸 frog to cross the river to the other side of the river but not as easy for the 🦂 scorpion to crossed the river because scorpion living on land alone and 🦂 scorpion pleaded with a frog that 🐸 frog should help him to cross to the other side but a frog refused because scorpion 🦂 will sting 🐸 frog but scorpion begged frog to assist it's movement and frog said it's okay I will crossed you scorpion to the other side but on one condition, you won't sting me.

Frog back scorpion and crossed it to the other side of the river. As soon as they crossed to the other side of the river scorpion 🦂 sting 🐸 frog and frog told scorpion why did you Sting me but you have promised that you won't sting me and 🦂 scorpion said it's my nature to Sting. An enemy is an enemy, he or she can't change their attitude. Just put that one in your mind.

A bad person is a bad person no matter how you treat him or her. He or she can't changed their character.

A scorpion 🦂 sting is caused by the stinger in a scorpion's tail. When a scorpion stings, its stinger can release venom. The venom contains a complex mix of toxins that affect the nervous system. These are called neurotoxins.

So no matters how you forgive and forget your enemy, the person is still your enemy because their attitude remains the same. It's better to give space with a bad human being.

We always have dark road steep Infront of us on the ways to our promise land, it's our duty to find the road to our light, somepeople couldn't fulfill his mission dew to in ability to search for the real light to his or her glory.

How do you get these treasure?, Nobody will find it on our treasure of life on our favor but,, it's our duty to find such treasure by our own because nobody will make road for us and anything that want block our way to our glory should be get rid of it.. We are powerless when will are not able to use our glory. It's your duty's to find the light and make away for yourself



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