Is good to have female friends as a young guy, a Man or as a nature Man.But there are some taboos to such friendship.

guy unless she has some mutual friendship with you or she likes you. At times it might be because she’s falling in love with you, or she enjoys your company.

There are some limitations to such friendship if you want to make either ordinary, Business or going into real relationship with a lady.

But as a man, you have to be very careful so you won’t land yourself in trouble. If not imprisonment. Or police detention.

Here are few things you shouldn't do, If a lady or Woman comes to visit you at your home or your residence.


√ Do give her your home key if you are not married officially.

√ Don't allow her to keep her property into you house.

√ Don't near her as in, don't reap her so that you will not end imporision
-ment at the end of the day. 50years imporisionment.

√ Don't allow her to sleep overnight In your house.May be she has house diffculty and If you allow her to stay overnight let her be herself, stay clear in sperated room. Treat her like your sister.

√ if you are not interested in her don't ask her out because woman are believer, don't crack any small jokely with her that you like her.

But if you don't act what you says, that going to a problems between two of you.

Then countrymen, refused to give her bed room injection if not you will land yourself in the police custody or even not life imporisionment.

Female friends generally are very frigile like eggs and as a man you have to handle them with care. Ladys have very flexible heart. Women screte keeper , they keep secrets with their mother and friends and any time, the dark secrets will unveal to every other people if their is misunderstanding between them.

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Written by
Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

Whatsapp +2348056376261.



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