Dada Emmanuel Olayinka
2 min readJul 17, 2021



The throne is a special chair used by a King or Queen to sit at the ceremony or palace.

Throne is a reserved position for the King and Queen.

The King and Queen must not be found in a dirty place. In this case, I have never seen a city or county that uses more than 5 laws such as criminals code, pineal code, rules of law, shariah laws and military rules by the Government. At a given occasion, it will switch to any of the laws that is convenent.

But when the throne is hijacked, the city will become something else, No 1 citizen's duty is to protect natural and human resources, A Nations King is supposed to defend the Nation's unity, Any Nation that cannot handle it's security right is not worth being a Nation. A king has to protect his laws, orders and regulations of his Nation.

As a Head or King of a Kingdom, your words must be authority and power to handle any situation within a nation.
When huddlum hijacks a throne, many wrongs will begin to happen such as expensive standard of living, banditry, robbery, killing, assassination, rape, vandalisation of national property, insecurity and Economic hardship.

Life is not about struggle but when life becomes a difficult predicament and problems such as hardship, many things will change to struggle. The hardship in the Economy gived rise to joblessness, homelessness, recession, hunger, broken home, broken marriage and turns landlord and caretakers into semi gods. The guys have turned to yahoo boys and ladies has turned into sex commercial worker in the street.

The so called big man around us with big cars , are no longer living a flyboyant life again. The car owners as turned to taxi Commercial worker to support home.

The so set of landlord and caretaker as turned into small god because the tenants in big city can know longer pay their house rent regularly as usual

Hyper inflation has set in our community, City’s and our urban areas now. The dark minds of country men has frustrated the real Economy of our nation.

How could you purchased a gallon of kerosene at cost price of 800 Naira and you are planning to received a gain of 2000 Naira.



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