Dada Emmanuel Olayinka
1 min readMay 9, 2024


1: Give, but don't allow people to exploit you.

2: Love, but guard your heart against harm.

3. Your presence never really matters to someone if it has no effect on them.

4: Pay attention, but don't forget to voice your ideas and opinions.

5. If you truly trust someone, you will either get a lasting friend or an important lesson.

6: Respect is necessary for love, and communication is necessary for a relationship. Trust is the cornerstone of perseverance.

7:It's funny how when you find happiness on your own, people want to be with you.

8: It's preferable to be distinctive than to aim for perfection.

9: Having high standards keeps bad things from happening to you.

10: It's best to end the conversation if the other person doesn't share your enthusiasm, to prevent yourself from getting worse.

11: It only takes moments to cause someone pain, but it may take years to mend the harm. Love the ones that are closest to you.


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