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(Eg Nigeria case study)

Knowledge is the ability to generate quality information that added value to our self esteem.

Education is the bedrocks of any develop and advance Nation.

Late Nelson Mandela said that Education is the most powerful weapon in which we can use to change and develop the world. Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo said that the children you refused to training will become a problems to your children in future.Until we discovered our mistake, recognize it, work it out perfect and discipline with it, it will be very difficult to achieve tomorrow.

Alternative school of thought is what we need to transform our resources, income and rejuvenate our revenue as well as rise up our GDP. Meaning Gross Domestic Products. Grammatical and vocalbullaries English expression cannot solves our predicaments as a Nation. The present economy situation has become hardship, confused and frustrated for the fresh graduates and the entire citizens.

The fresh graduates that surposed to settle down maritally had become confused and frustrated just because of inflationary economy situation, the fresh graduates that supposed to be part of those working class has become yahoo, ritualist and Badoo because of where we have found our economy.

The young lady's graduates that supposed to be mothers has become streets commercial sex workers in our community and society today.

The present school of learnings under the present economy used by our system has become disable and old fashioned British school of though, that nobody in their minds could disagree that things have out gone damaging, worse than things ever before.

The present school of thought system of learning gave birth to unemployment’s, jobless, recession, hardship,inflationary and frustrated economy. It’s high time to applying 30% theoristical and adopted 70% practicalised education system school of learning before it too late.

This system supposed to be use directly by the current students school of learning in our nation. it's high time to use the fresh talents and new skills to learn, develop and improve our current education system to become attractive and productive to the world at large.

This types of practicalised School of learning are the one top country's of world are adopted and used to develop their country such as China Republic, American, South Korea, UK and India. Such school of learning are as follows , Technically school of learnings, School of Nursing, Technology schools, Polytheistic, University School of siecient and technology, School of music, School of fashioned design, School of wrestling and School of Education because the quality of teacher determine the quality of students.

When students finished their education they don't needed to begin to looks for jobs with their certificate's again because they can be earn money with their hand works.

The patterns you learn determine your life, the better the patterns, the better the life. And it's going to be a great advantages to upcoming generation system school of learning. It's high time to FasTrack our system school of learnings.

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