Man did you know that woman are different made from men. Woman are SECRETIVES in their relationship.

Woman are meant to be love not, to be beaten by men. Woman are very pretty and beautiful when I come to 👗 dressing, in every occasion all woman are number one, they are priority in life is clothes shoe and bagsv first, they always want to appear differently every day or in occasion.

In society and social activities woman are pioneer and facilitators of life on Earth. Woman play very important 9 roles behind any SUCCESSFUL man and in the family .

Woman are key to factor in sustainable development and quality of good life in the family , woman are sociable and they are smart with good understanding. Woman deserve respect and they are truly woman of quality.

All Woman does not believe in other ladies is above them. All Woman believe in equality even to the man. They believe in equal rights man has is the samething woman get.

They are always competition amoug each other woman, when it come to group of friends. Woman are full of jealous 😂😂😂 expecialy when it’s come to another woman closer to their relationship and marriage.

Woman pronounced their presents in the professional, when education is important , impractive , impression as a career for woman is no more a taboos. Personal I call all woman Executives.


It’s very easy to judge another person in their relationship.

Men Listen to me.

Woman always show one percent 💯 grateful and gratitude to man’s gifts expecialy when it comes to materialistic and money.

Did you know that all woman have secret relationship affairs, in the time of problems, woman have more than 10 man they can call at that time. Hear me,

woman tell his husband when secret exposed.

It’s just for 5 minutes woman said I didn’t love ❤️ him but I just want to show gratitude for the gifts that I collected from him. Woman why?.

Woman are brilliant in telling lying. Woman are profession talkertive . Woman are SECRETIVES when it comes to group of friends. Woman are very good in keep secrets . All woman share their secrets with their friends.

Woman are good and professional listener when man propose to them.

At anytime, if their is figth between two woman friends, yearly kept deep secrets will exposed to everyone.

Woman’s hands down when all their sceret exposed to the husband. Did you ever believes that hearth and home got broken when woman secret exposed.

It’s true that all woman are lyers ?

Scretive of woman in relationship.

Man did you know your wife has an affair with their doctors.

Man did you know sometime woman date their driver, House maid and gate man.

Man beware of woman

You life is in the hand of all woman.woman can kill husband because of real money in the husband hands if thy know 💯 code in the bank.


√ DId you have sceret lovers please tell your husband.?

√ Did you keep your Secret with your mothers and friends?

√ Woman did you always show gratitude for the gift received from another man.

√ All Woman known all men wicknessess if they want to get man.

Acticle from Deolinkiss

Written by Olayinka Emmanuel Dada.

Contents creator.

Email, infinitycleaningy@gmail.com

Cellphone number+23408056376261



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Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

Dada Emmanuel Olayinka

I am content writer and Creator on major social media across the globe . My hand can reach anywhere in the world. I am black Jewelry. I am black AFRICAN.