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Men are very logical in nature, nothing concerned him about love at time. Men follows what he see physically at a particular time.

Women keep your relationship tight, keep your bedroom informations tight, don't exposed your body to the person that is not your husband because your body is gold to a man.

Also, woman remember that goat and yam can't staying together, bewares of your closed friends around and your closet relations lady's around.. Men are very logical in nature.

When it come to gifts from man to woman, remember that man is not generous at time. If you are not interested don't collect anything gift from man. Remember that gift will remove pant from you.

Relationship and love is inrespectance of pants and men boxers. Bewares and be warned.

To a man reading this store sentences, remember that men don't benefits from Marriage at time. Hmmmm Always enjoying your self at times. It's small or nothing for a man in relationship.


1. Don't be ashamed of your sexuality

2. Treat him well. If you disrespect him then he will not respond to your seduction

3. Find out which time he enjoys making love; is it at night or in the morning and make your advances then

4. Make use of his penis when he wakes up with a hard on. Check if he is hard with your fingers or butt

5. Undress him. Help him remove his clothes as you tell him naughty things

6. Send him flirty text messages and voice notes when you two are far from each other

7. Sometimes initiate the kiss

8. Find out which part of his body excite him. Is it his nipples, back, his balls? Touch him there

9. Wear something sexy and revealing just for him, or wear nothing at all

10. Find out if he is a boob man or a butt man and flaunt that part of your body when next to him

11. Let him know when you are wet

12. Take his fingers and lead his fingers either to your nipples or to feel how wet you are

13. Ask him to join you in the shower

14. Sometimes take charge. Let him relax, you be the one who pleases him with massages, ride him

15. Let him know when he makes love to you right and ask for a rematch

16. Passionately tell him what you want him to do to you and in you. Make him feel needed

Show him that you too enjoy sexual pleasure; his sexual pleasure.



1. He is 72 years old.

2. He has retired from active service.

3. He worked all his life to raise his children.

4. He deprived himself of life's pleasures to pay for expensive school fees and living expenses for his children abroad.

5. They are now well-off in Europe, Australia, and America.

6. His wife, aged 62, has relocated to live with their children.

7. He remains alone back in Nigeria.

8. His children barely call him.

9. He has to start life all over again as a bachelor.

10. He struggles with high blood pressure and other ailments associated with old age.

11. How much longer will he survive alone?

12. This is the reality for most working-class monogamous men: their old age is often lonely and, in many cases, sad.

13. No matter how good the man is, women tend to love their children more than their husbands. The older he gets, the less use they seem to have for him.

14. So, what do men truly benefit from marriage?

15. They sacrifice so much but receive little recognition for their hard work, while the woman seems to reap all the benefits.

It’s a man’s world they said but for the women and children in reality.

Dear men, this could be your situation in the next few decades. What are you doing about it? What is your retirement plan? Care for your self as much as you fend for your family. Love yourself. God bless you.

By Olayinka Emmanuel Dada

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