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We have to once again open our eye and our hears to coronavirus.
Let your hyper future shine like the other years before covid-19 out break.In other not to get stock in bright future.
Warning to the whole world regards covid-19, in other for the whole world spending unnecessary expense against coronavirus. At least everybody must learn lesson last year during treathing pandemic.
Let everyone take a responsibility against non communicable coronavirus deases. Be challenged and take a chance to be responsible.
Its mandatory for everybody under the the 🌞 sun to use their nose guard everywhere,every movement and everytime to prevent the thirds spread of covid-19.


Good day house,
Please I’d like to appeal to us to go back to our Personal Protective Equipments. (Face masks, Sanitizers)
Covid is beginning to rise again in Nigeria. There has been a number of deaths in the last couple of days and the private ICUs are beginning to fill up.
The second wave is back in many places.
For one, the UK is deep in it.
Please let’s remember that covid isn’t just a disease of the rich and that although many young people are able to kick it off, they are able to spread it to others.
I doubt that the government can clamp down on most things now but it’s in our hands to protect ourselves.

If we don’t care about ourselves, please let’s do it for the ones we love.

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